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Daily Meditation Practices

Here are some meditation practices that may be useful to you on your soul journey.  They can be done alone or with a group, standing or sitting.  It can be for a few minutes or as long as you like.  The main thing is you get into the zone and really ‘be it’, give it all you have got, and you will come out stronger and happier.

Become a Child of God
Once we become adults we can find it difficult to become children once again.  The Ego stops us from being light and happy and just plain silly. Take time to sit in meditation and let go of being an adult, of having to be mature, and being too responsible.  Feel the feeling of having a parent with you who will take care of everything. Be carefree. Feel light and feel the joy once again of being a child of God – pure and innocent.

Be an Angel
Practice being an angel.  Angels are messengers of God. What is your message? Angels do not touch the ground. Angels are always shown with wings – flying around.  They are never attached to any place or person; always alone, autonomous and independent.

Connect with Nature
Feel Mother Earth. Take off your shoes and walk bare foot on grass, mud or clay and feel the ground beneath your feet. The Earth carries a negative charge which is useful for energizing the body. Our bodies are made up of the same matter as the earth. Stand straight, close eyes and feel your feet rooting into the ground. You will correct your posture, as well as feeling energized in the soul.

Canopy of Protection
Very often we feel afraid and don’t always know why.  In those moments, its useful to feel the canopy of God’s protection.  Imagine yourself sitting under a canopy of light and might.  Fill your aura with light and might and fill your body with the same light and might.  Now, become carefree and create only positive thoughts of being showered by God’s light.

Solid as a Rock
Be as strong and sturdy as a rock. A rock is hard to break. Be determined. Do not waiver. Is there any area of your life in which you need to be firm and strong? If so, decide now to be resolute and do not allow a single doubt to affect that decision. Affirm these statements to yourself: ‘I can do it.’  ‘I am born for this.’  ‘If not me then who!’

Detached Observer
From time to time throughout the day detach from your work and relationships and become a detached observer. Instead of becoming engrossed in the scene in front of you, imagine as though you are watching a movie or a real-life theatre. Enjoy it, laugh at it, appreciate the actors, for they are all only playing a role – good, bad and the ugly.

Lighthouses play very important roles. They, like the tower, stand still, and yet are able to guide many to safety. Be a lighthouse, stand still and imagine yourself giving light to the world.  Your role is to be a steady source of light for others.  Do not think it is not your responsibility.  You are the chosen one.  Fill yourself with light and share that with others – it is your duty.

Practice the Bodiless Stage
At some point in our life we will leave this body and move on. So, it is better to practice this state now while we are conscious and aware and have a certain degree of control.  Death should feel like a mini meditation.  As we practice detaching from the body and going beyond, we are really able to get in touch with the real ‘I’.

All these practices are like different exercises for the soul.  They help to strengthen the muscles of the soul.  We can then become flexible and malleable to respond to life’s challenges.

It’s Time… to instill some daily practices in our life to strengthen our mind and body.  We are then able to experience higher realms of living and being.


© ‘It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK 


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